Love Actually (2015)

Also Known As: 戀上黑天使 恋上你爱上我 真爱追击 真愛追擊 Lian Shang Hei Tian Shi Lian Shang Ni Ai Shang Wo Zhen Ai Zhui Ji Love You Love Me

Ma Liang is a carefree person who does what he wants without worrying about consequences. However, this has exhausted his girlfriend of two years, Xiao Meng, who proposed a breakup. Ye Man Ling is a rich woman who just experienced a failed marriage. She comes back to China to succeed her deceased father's company. On the way to an award ceremony, Ye Man Ling and Ma Liang bump into each other and thus, began an unfortunate relationship.

Genre: Business, Drama, Romance

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Release: 2015