Lhamo and Skalbe (2019)

Also Known As: ལྷ་མོ་དང་སྐལ་བྷེ། 拉姆与嘎贝 La Mu Yu Ga Bei

Lhamo and Skalbe fail to get married when they find out that Skalbe has already registered a marriage. Memories rush back as Skalbe embarks on a journey in search for his so-called ex-wife Cuoyehe, only to discover that the girl had renunciated her secular life when she broke their marriage promise four years ago. As a result, Cuoyehe's religious identity causes great difficulty in Skalbe's attempt at a divorce. On the other hand, Lhamo becomes aloof.

Genre: Drama

Director: Sonthar Gyal [ཟོན་ཐར་རྒྱལ།]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Release: 2019